You might not notice the work of our additional team, because they are not in front of camera. Nevertheless is their work highly important.

Barbara: The first time working with Barbara has been on “The Three Musketeers”, where she was responsible for the look of D’Artagnan’s horse and his double. She then accompanied us on other projects like “Ostwind” and “Wendy”, where she did an excellent job on creating the look of Ostwind and Dixie and their doubles.

Willy: On historical movies you often have the problem with non-fitting saddles. Willy is not only an excellent rider and horse trainer, he is also dedicated to make all the saddles suitable for our horses.

Alex: Who doesn’t need a good farrier on a horse movie? Especially difficult surfaces need special shoeing for our horses. So it’s always good to have someone like Alex on your close team. And of course he is a very good rider and horse trainer as well.


Barbara Rönneburg- hair & make-up horses

Willy Meyer- saddlery

Alex Junginger – farrier