photos & videos

photos are provided by courtesy of the following photographers:

Alexandra Evang, Epic Photography, Marc Reimann, Christiane Slawik, Gabriele Boiselle, Michael Göhre, Katja Stuppia, Vanessa Wieduwilt, Marc Rose, Marlen Gutschmidt, Tom Trambow, Andrea Hansen, Alyssa Peters, Eva Palzer, Gabi Metz, Rainer Jakob, Jürgen Olczyk, Christiane Pausch, Hans Kuczka, Julian Gross, Anja Mertens, Kerstin Stelter, Tom Schneider, Lene Husch, Svea Wrangelheim, Norbert Kolatschke, Mandy Pohl, Janina Albig, Wiebke Haas, Steffi & Elke Bamann


In the video section you will find our demo reel and some short clips and movie trailers showing a brief glimpse of our work.

Thanks to all the fantastic horse trainers and stunt riders to support our work on this large number of projects!

photos on set

In this section you will find some memories of our movie- projects in the past. We had a great time on movies such as Ostwind, Wendy, Bibi & Tina, Rock My Heart, The Three Musketeers, Ludwig II., Henri IV., Arman’s Geheimnis and many others…

We are very grateful for working with so many beautiful horses and their talented trainers. Not to forget all these amazing stunt riders and coach men, which have accompanied us all along the road.

hall of fame

This section is dedicated to some very special horses, which are retired, departed or above 20 and did or still do some excellent work for our team and should be remembered here.

photos shows

Our show team grew immensely in the past. Coming from a movie focused background, we found a show experienced partner in the well known team from With the know-how of both companies we created a strong force in the show business as well.

We offer all kind of shows such as medieval tournaments (Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum), western shows, fantasy, stunt shows, events, shows for kids and many more…

photos impressions

Welcome to our photo category impressions. This section is just a collection of photos taken by the most talented photographers.

We created this category for all horse lovers to enjoy the beauty and power of these wonderful and very special animals.