This section is not only dedicated to retired or departed horses, which have been very special to us and should be remembered here forever. It also includes not yet retired horses above 20, which have done and still do extraordinary work on movies.



Bobby is a big star of our movie horses. Being not so tall (1,52 m) often led for Bobby ending up as being “only” the stunt double for the main horse cast on the big movies. Tiny but mighty Bobby always had to step in, when it became more difficult and dangerous. The very tough Paint horse gelding from Jana Jelenová did by far the most spectacular scenes and has always been absolutely reliable throughout the years. He has done lots of big movies such as “Ostwind” (as stunt double for James), “Arman’s Geheimnis”, “Rock My Heart”, “Wendy”, “Bibi & Tina” and finally as a lead character on “Gestüt Hochstetten”. Although being a bit smaller than his colleagues, he jumped over the engine bonnet of the car in “Ostwind 1”. His stunt rider Jimmy was firstly quiet sceptical, when we introduced him to tiny Bobby, because he expected a huge military horse for this big jump. But afterwards he was also very impressed and grateful. Bobby also did a spectacular fire stunt on “Ostwind 4”. We are not allowed to talk about it yet, but the movie comes out on 28.02.2019. On season one of “Arman’s Geheimnis” he impressed us immensely by playing an injured horse coming out of the forest all by himself, walking straight to a very specific spot and lying down on exactly the required place. And all this with no horse trainer nearby…
He truly is a limelight hog and if he doesn’t get enough attention he can be really stubborn and grievously offended. He even refused to go back on the trailer one time, so that Jana had to do some more tricks with him and everybody had to applaud until he was finally satisfied and leaving into his trailer. He can be a real diva!
In his former life Bobby used to be a really difficult horse with bad experiences, before he found his way to Jana. With lots of patience and love, Jana gained his trust and he became an absolute reliable veteran for shows and movies.
He is also a very good teacher to his nephew Danny. The youngster is hugely talented and learned a lot from his uncle Bobby. There are surely lots of funny stories, but we just tell you the one of Bobby teaching Danny the lesson of how to not freak out because of fire. When Jana introduced Danny to fire he was originally not so convinced and a bit frightened. Veteran Bobby watched the whole situation quiet bored from a further distance. After a while he probably thought, he had to interfere, so he walked over to Danny and put his mouth into the fire and looked at him as if he wanted to say: “See…it’s absolutely fine mate…it’s only fire”. It was a really surprising and weird situation, but since then, Danny is also relaxed with fire.
Bobby really is a very special and unique character and we truly love this extraordinary horse.


James is probably the most popular horse in Germany, because he is the lead character of “Ostwind” and a movie horse royalty. The Trés Sangres gelding from Kenzie Dysli is indeed a very special and impressive horse. We first met Kenzie and James, when we were looking for the perfect cast of “Ostwind 1” in 2012. James instantly stood out with his most beautiful eyes and strong character. Being Kenzie’s teacher of life (James accompanies Kenzie since her childhood), they have a very strong bonding. James is really impressive in many ways. He is utterly patient and very clever and intuitively knows, what to do in every scene to make it special. However, our favourite moment on set is, when James rightly thinks, he has indeed done enough work for a day and calls it a wrap. He then just walks away. Although being really calm and professional, he can run very fast! Having full blood in his veines as well, he really can make some speed. Fortunately he stays absolutely calm with the actors. He just knows, when to lower down his temper and keep the actors safe. James has influenced all of us in one way or the other, but most importantly he has touched our hearts. Meanwhile James has accompanied us through four Ostwind- movies and we are very grateful, that he has crossed our path.


Kety is a movie veteran. She used to be a show jumping horse, when she was young, but as it happens quiet often, they didn’t give her enough time to grow and forced her out of too ambitious reasons to jump too early too  high, because she had a huge talent for jumping. Soon she was overworked and they gave up on her. Fortunately, Kety’s new owner was the wonderful horse trainer Jana Jelenová. Jana gained back her trust and slowly established her as a great movie and show horse. 

Kety did a great job on many movies and shows and carried lot’s of actors safely through. She can stand still like a stature and is very calm. Actually, when she gets too bored, she falls asleep, what sometimes leads to her falling straight down to the ground. So we need to wake her up from time to time, so that she doesn’t topple down. 

Kety is known for her role as “Maharadscha” in the movie “Bibi & Tina” and “Tornado” on “Wendy 2”. But she did hundreds of movies and shows in her live and she is now in her well deserved retirement.



Light and darkness follows us through our entire life. Tequila followed his owner Patricia bravely through fire and ice…through darkness and light.
Tequila showed his bravery and strength not only on many shows, but also on some of our movies such as “Immenhof”, “Bibi & Tina”, “Wendy”, “Sisi” and “The Empress”.
The story of Patricia and Tequila wasn’t easy in the beginning, but
in the end the dedication from Patricia payed off and they both grew together even stronger as a team. Tequila would follow her everywhere…even through fire.
Sadly, Tequila left this world way too early, but he will always be remembered!


Kamikaze is another big star of our movie horses. 

He is without a doubt the king of the lying horses. He can play injured or dead horses like no other. As a foal he was a bit goofy. He stumbled  a lot and often ended up under a fence or a ditch of his pasture. But even back then, he didn’t panic and waited patiently for his trainer Sylvia to rescue him. 

Kamikaze is a very talented horse with a lot of tricks up his sleeve. Unlike his name he is very calm and gentle. He performs nearly all kind of tricks and is very reliable. Kamikaze and his trainer Sylvia Delorge are a very strong and funny couple. 

We had the honour to work with Kamikaze and Sylvia on “Ostwind – Ari’s Ankunft”, “Frühling” and “Gestüt Hochstetten”. 


Azar died in 2010 as a consequence of a colic. The beautiful menorquin gelding was one of the most reliable horse for actors and worked on well known movies such as “Pope Joan”, “1 1/2 Ritter”, “Bye Bye Blackbird”, “Effi Briest”, “Henri 4” and in the show “Der Zauberwald”. He has also been the favourite horse of actor Til Schweiger. He really was a limelight hog. He has usually been a bit  lazy at home, but once getting the “action” on set, he was always showing off and worked absolutely precise and reliable. He could really be quiet jealous, when another horse got more attention on set than him and he loved applause and being the center of attention. Azar was trained by Suzanne Struben Séra.


Pluto died in a tragic accident on his paddock in 2015. He always learned very fast and so his bag of tricks was really big. The fierce knabstrup stallion was the star of the Hollywood – production “The Three Musketeers” and the horse of D’Artagnan (Logan Lerman). Pluto and his trainer Siegfried Scherer have been a real comedy couple and they brought smiles on everyones face. He used to be a very reliable show- horse as well and had some really impressive strong nerves.