Summer high season is over and we are all a bit exhausted but really grateful for another great season!

With the three major projects “Ostwind 4”, “Immenhof”, “Die Pferde von Wildenstein” and various little projects like “Frühling”, “Sweat Hearts”, “Unter Leuten” and of course the medieval knight tournament “MPS”  we’ve been working all summer without a break. With the days getting dark and cold we finally found some time to give you a short impression of our summer.

Ostwind 4 – Ari’s Ankunft


It is always a pleasure to work on “Ostwind”, because we are working with the production company SamFilm for six years now and they provide a great work- atmosphere.
At this point we also want to thank our friends from Face Off Stunts and Rigging for giving us this great opportunity and supporting us all these years.
Another thank you goes without a doubt to the great horse stunt crew for your passionate work with the horses. For more information and photos of the team and horses follow the link: 

We are very proud of the result and from what we’ve seen so far it will be another great “Ostwind”- movie with beautiful pictures of our horses.
Next to “Ostwind- Star” James, we had five other great and talented horses to play the part of “Ostwind”.  Veteran Bobby did an excellent job doubling “Sir James” in the most difficult stunt- scenes and youngster Danny was our biggest surprise by growing with every task to do and becoming a very reliable horse for actors and showing lots of potential. Iceman, Atila and Marengo played the part of the wild “Ostwind”. There will be lots of horse action and you won’t be missing a great sense of humour. We already had to laugh a lot while shooting some of the scenes. Conclusion…beautiful horses, great actors…and the typical “Ostwind- spirit”. We even had some scenes, where we had goosebumps while shooting these scenes…unfortunately we are not allowed to talk about it yet, but we are really proud of our horses.


Immenhof – Das Abenteuer eines Sommers


There is a lot of gossip going on, when it comes to “Immenhof”. It’s always hard, when you are shooting a remake, because people expect it to be like the old one. For sure it is not like the old movies with Heidi Brühl, but if you love horses and are open minded to a new version of “Immenhof”, you won’t be disappointed.  The main actress Lea did an excellent job by doing all her riding and horse scenes by herself. The movie is full of wonderful horse- scenes and our favourite horse apart from Djafahr playing “Holly” is surely little pony Johnny playing “Krümel”. He really is a clown and when he is bored, he is always trying to impress with some new tricks. The wild Cagliostro was played by the beautiful horses Blitz and Aaron…although Aaron isn’t really wild…he did the calm scenes of Cagliostro and showed some really strong nerves in the bog. Conclusion…if you expect the same Immenhof from the Fifties, you will be disappointed, but if you are open minded for a new version of Immenhof, you will have lots of fun watching the movie. For more information and photos of the horse stuntteam and horses follow the link:

…part two will follow soon…