The fairy tale about king Ansgar and his two sons Lennard and Falk was shot in the beautiful area “Bergisches Land” (NRW).

“Wasser des Lebens”, Bild 6 -Salwa (Denise M´Baye), Prinz Falk (Gil Ofarim)

horses on set:

Aaron (horse of prince Falk, also known from “Arman’s Geheimnis”), Oak’s Golden Devil (horse of prince Lennard), Sarouc (horse of the princess, also known from “Bibi & Tina”) and Samir (horse of servant Gunther, also known from “The Three Musketeers”)

team on set:

Dennis Grzesczak, Joachim Fetten, Willy Meyer, Lene Husch, Zsolt Séra, Lara Appelhoff, Anja Mertens