The second season of Arman’s Geheimnis (WDR) is a wonderful and mysterious journey about the adventures of Charlie, Arman, Tarek and the two newcomers Dimitri and Jenny in the fantastic world of Namra.

We had a great time on the second season of Arman’s Geheimnis. Director Irina Popow has a very sensitive feeling and understanding for the horses and their needs. Irina and her brother DOP Pat Popow are also very unique in capturing the best moments of our horses to create the most beautiful pictures.

We needed to replace most of the horses from the first season, because in the story Arman and his brothers have been freed from their spell and so they are human beings again and no horses any more.
The only ones left have been good old Zero (horse Lore) and Bobby (again stunt double horse Arman). The new ones are Aaron (horse Arman), Caprichio and Judio (the mystic horse), Sanco and Kaba (horse Charlie), Cookie (horse Tarek), Vanessa (horse Dimitri), Jessi and Luminoso (horse Jenny), Othello (horse Mick), Möhrchen (horse Rudofos) and pony Herkules.

Team on set: Vanessa Wieduwilt, Jana Jelenová, Joachim Fetten, Willy Meyer, Jimmy Kitson, Kaja Wild, Patricia Beissel, Dennis Grzesczak, Suzanne Struben-Séra, Pavel Vesely, Katja Svihovska, Jenda Kops, Karel Novotny, Lene Husch, Bea Narnina Schill-Berthold, Andy Wolter, Petr Barwik, Eva Tesarová, Alexandra Evang, Anja Mertens, Antonia Suder, Alister Mazzotti, Ronny Horning, Tanja Pelster, Thomas Pöpl, Bernhard Klinglmayr and Gerd Grzesczak.